A tour of the Holy Monasteries aroused the desire to fill our lives with the essence of Sanctity and Nature.
Products from Mt. Athos Monasteries and other Monasteries of our country, Greece, to bring joy to all of us and support ascetic Monasticism.
Handmade products created by monks.
Our shop is blessed with wholesome, authentic products from Mother Mary’s Garden on Mt. Athos. All products are made available using modern packaging techniques and observing high quality standards.
Hand-painted Byzantine-style icons, created in constant prayer, are the jewels of our collection.
The product range is completed with icon-painting materials and carved natural wood panels.
Incense and frankincense with intoxicating scents.
Blessings offered with fatherly devotion.
Honey, olives, herbs, wine reverberating the tradition of Greece.
This is who we are:GREECE!